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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission developed Youth@Work to educate young workers about their workplace rights and responsibilities and to help employers create positive work experiences for young adults.

Youth@Work has three main components:

  • Youth@Work web site is dedicated to educating young workers about their equal employment opportunity rights and responsibilities. The web site explains the different types of job discrimination that young workers may encounter and suggests strategies they can use to prevent, and, if necessary, respond to such discrimination. The site includes an interactive tool called "Challenge Yourself!" that provides an opportunity for young workers to test their knowledge by analyzing sample job discrimination scenarios. The site, created with the assistance of EEOC student interns, also includes examples of EEOC cases filed on behalf of young workers.

  • Free outreach events

    EEOC staff are available to host free outreach events for students, youth organizations, and small businesses that employ young workers. These events, which include information about the laws enforced by EEOC, and the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers, are aimed at assisting young workers as they enter and navigate the professional world and encouraging employers to proactively address discrimination issues confronting young workers.

    If you are interested in having EEOC speak to your high school or organization, please contact the outreach coordinator for the EEOC office in your area.

  • Partnerships with business leaders, human resource groups, and industry trade associations

    EEOC welcomes the opportunity to partner with advocacy organizations, businesses, human resource groups, and industry trade associations to promote equal employment opportunity for the nation's youngest workers.

    Our Youth@Work partners play a vital role in increasing public awareness about the federal anti-discrimination laws by putting a Youth@Work link on their website, publishing articles on Youth@Work in their newsletters, discussing Youth@Work with their members or employees, participating in Youth@Work events throughout the country, or otherwise supporting Youth@Work.

    If your business or organization would like to partner with the EEOC, please contact the outreach coordinator for the EEOC office in your area.

    To learn more about Youth@Work, visit our web site at

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