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No-Cost Outreach Programs

EEOC's outreach programs provide general information about the EEOC, its mission, the employment discrimination laws enforced by EEOC and the charge/complaint process. EEOC representatives are available on a limited basis at no cost to make presentations and participate in meetings, conferences and seminars with employee and employer groups, professional associations, students, non-profit entities, community organizations and other members of the general public.

Many EEOC offices have bilingual staff available to make presentations. EEOC information materials and other publications are available at no cost, including many in languages other than English.

Does your group need a speaker for an upcoming conference or seminar? An EEOC representative may be available to provide a general overview of the laws enforced by EEOC and EEOC charge processing procedures, including mediation.

Are you holding a business EXPO, job fair or community event? EEOC representatives may be available to participate and disseminate information.

Are you a small business? For your convenience, EEOC field offices have designated small business liaisons to answer questions and provide assistance to small businesses.

EEOC Outreach Program Coordinators want to hear from you!


EEOC Training Institute


EEOC also offers more "in-depth" training tailored to an employer for a fee. This training is available to private employers and state, local and federal government personnel through the EEOC Training Institute. The EEOC Training Institute provides a wide variety of training to assist employers in educating their managers and employees on the laws enforced by EEOC and how to prevent and correct discrimination in the workplace. Visit the EEOC Training Institute to learn more about the courses, seminars and products developed by the experts.