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Instructions and Resources Available for EEOC Employees During Office Closures

In the Washington, D.C. area, OPM may announce closures, early dismissals, late arrivals, or unscheduled leave / unscheduled telework options, based on inclement weather or other conditions. Outside the D.C. area, Federal Executive Boards or EEOC office management coordinate similar dismissal or closure announcements. Please see the dismissal and closure procedures in EEOC's Unscheduled Telework Guide for guidance.

EEOC's Operating Status Hotline

When bad weather or emergency conditions occur that affect operations at the EEOC Headquarters building or any of the 53 Field Offices, information about a facility disruption or outage is recorded on the EEOC Operating Status Line at (855) 230-8186.  Although information is continually updated, both during and after duty hours, to report measures the Agency may take as a result of winter weather storms or other emergencies, please note that when events are significant, updating the Status Line may be delayed.  In some events, it may be a few hours or longer after the emergency before the EEOC's status is updated.  It is important to know how to get the Agency's Operating Status more directly. In addition to your Office Director, the Status Line and Web site, you can also get information that may be of use to you in an emergency from

Available Resources

The following online resources are available for use by EEOC employees and contractors only, when away from the office, whether scheduled or unscheduled: