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Example - Alternatives to Granting Leave


The laws enforced by the EEOC require employers to provide reasonable accommodations (changes to the way things are normally done at work) because of an employer's disability or religious beliefs, in certain circumstances. For example, in some instances, you may be required to provide employees with leave for medical or religious reasons.

If granting a medical leave request would cause significant difficulty or expense , or granting a religious leave request would impose more than minimal costs or disruptions , determine whether alternative solutions are available that would be effective for both your business and the employee.

For example:

  • Reassigning minor job duties adjusting work schedules, or, as a last resort, temporarily reassigning an employee to another position may enable an employee with medical restrictions to continue working , or to return to work sooner than originally anticipated.
  • Permitting flexible arrival and departure times, flexible work breaks, working during breaks in exchange for early departure, or staggered work hours so an employee can attend religious services or pray at certain times of the day, as required by his religion, may prevent the need for leave .

Other solutions may also be effective for your business and the employee.

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